IT Supplier

IT Supplier (1)

Neil Stevens Consulting has been engaged with a small number of IT suppliers to the NHS, with a view to maximising the benefits the NHS can derive from effective implementation of quality systems. One of these commissioned Neil Stevens Consulting Ltd to provide advice and consultancy in respect of their strategic product development, and to support effective engagement with NHS clients and prospective clients. Feedback has been extremely positive and resulted in changes to the approach taken by the supplier to better match changing NHS strategic requirements. Further work has recently been agreed to assist with analysis of the benefits of introducing the specific system to help to make NHS processes more efficient and support integration of care across NHS agencies.

IT Supplier (2)

A short piece of work was commissioned by an IT supplier to the NHS to carry out market analysis in a specific geographic location to hep to inform them about priorities for the development of their product to better meet NHS requirements. It is anticipated that, on the basis of work carried out, the supplier will focus their short-term development effort in order to deliver functionality which is more aligned with current NHS priorities.

Information Sharing Challenge Fund bid

Neil Stevens Consulting Ltd led the production of a bid to the NHS Information Sharing Challenge Fund to achieve integration between Acute and Primary Care systems in a specific community in the South of England. An award was made in the sum of £60k to deliver ITK2 compliant messaging which was achieved in March 2013. This supports the electronic sharing of correspondence and other information between an Acute Trust and GP practices in the surrounding area, improving the opportunities to deliver integrated care to patients. Specific consideration was given to the potential for this work to be used elsewhere in the NHS. Any community with the same combination of systems will be able to achieve the same benefits with minimal additional effort as part of their overal interoperability requirements.

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